Slender liana to 20 m; branches terete, pilosulous to glabrate. Leaves coria- ceous, ovate to broadly ovate or obovate, 3-9.5 cm long, 1.5-6 cm broad, less than twice as long as broad, glabrate to sparsely tawny pubescent, especially on the nerves above, tawny- to golden-villous beneath, with 3 or 4 pairs of alternate arching inconspicuous primary veins, the lowest pair arising near the base of the blade, the ultimate venation finely reticulate; areoles evident, ca 0.3 mm diam; margin entire, rarely undulate; apex rounded to retuse, apiculate; base rounded; petioles 0.5-2 cm long, usually densely tawny-villous. Male inflores- cences axillary, solitary or clustered, paniculate, equal to or usually much longer than the petiole, ascending to spreading-ascending, filiform to slender, villous; peduncle 0.2-1 cm long; rachis 1.5-7.7 cm long; bracts lanceolate, 0.8-1 mm long, ca 0.3 mm broad, villous; pedicels 1-2.5 mm long; bractlets ovate-lanceolate ca 0.6 mm long, ca 0.3 mm broad, villous. Flowers yellowish-green; sepals 6 in 2 series, the outer narrowly ovate-lanceolate, ca 1.3 mm long, ca 0.7 mm broad, moderately villous, the inner broadly ovate to elliptic, ca 2 mm long, ca 6 mm broad, sparsely villous; petals 6 in 2 similar series, obovate, ca 1.2 mm long, ca 0.7 mm broad, glabrous; stamens 6; filaments ca 1 mm long. Female inflores- cences axillary, solitary (?), racemose, longer than the petiole, ascending, slen- der, villous. Flowers not seen. Fruit obovoid, glabrous, 10-15 mm long, 7-8 mm broad, slightly compressed, the apex rounded.

Distribucion y Habitat

Bosques de Brasil, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia.

Ejemplares de referencia

Colector N° Colect. Especie Departamento Provincia Imagen
  • Fabris, H. A.
  • 7152 San Fernando Chaco
  • Hassler, E.
  • 12223 Guairá
  • Jörgensen, P.
  • 2061 Formosa
  • Martínez, -
  • -1 -
  • Pedersen, T. M.
  • 1263 Laishí Formosa

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    Material Tipo: Paraguay. Concepción, E. Hassler 7299 (holotipo, G ; isotipos, A!, BM!, K!, MICH!, MO!, NY!, UC!).