Pharbitis diversifolia Lindl.

Edwards's Bot. Reg. Vol.23 1988 Año:1837
Sinónimo de: Ipomoea purpurea
Tipos:SINTIPOS. "A native of Mexico, whence seeds were obtained by Geo. F. Dickson, Esq. and by him presented to the Horticultural Society; it also grows in Peru, where it was found by Mr. Mathews in a 3-lobed state (No. 2050); and I think I have a garden specimen in the entire state, from Chile, which has been marked P. purpurea, in my herbarium, by M. Choisy himself." Perú. A. Mathews 2050 (BM 001209084 [etiquetado como isolectotipo(?)]).
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